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Our Work

We are a design and research studio creating product and service experiences that have accessibility and usability at its heart.

We work with companies to better understand the experience they are offering their customers, be that a physical product, digital product, mix of both, or a service being offered.

Our Approach

We are driven by people, the people who your product or service is being designed for. Our design process always begins with research, then we pull some ideas together, test ideas out with customers and help create a final product experience.

As a team, we always challenge assumptions and are dedicated to staying curious. Always hands on, we solve design problems and help implement the solution.



Stephanie is a Psychologist, Behavioural Scientist and Design Researcher.

As Research Director, Stephanie uses both quantitative and qualitative data to understand the users experience of design. She helps clients to understand the necessary design changes to be made to a product or service.


Kevin is a product and industrial designer with a focus on user experience design.

Design Director at Muckle Studios, Kevin is often tasked with prototyping ideas and using research findings to design solutions that fit both business and user needs. He is a maker and can put his hand to the design of both physical and digital products.

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We are a small but steadily growing team and love hearing from interested, passionate and curious individuals.

If you are up to something interesting and want to work together, or are just wanting to say hello, please get in touch.