What we do.

Muckle Studios is an accomplished experience design and research studio. We work with organisations to improve their products, services and digital experiences, increasing overall customer satisfaction levels and an easily understood and inclusive offering.

Experience Design

We work with you to design the best experience for your customer, all whilst helping your business to thrive. We consult on the design of physical products, digital user experiences and the design services.

Product Design

User Experience Design

Customer Experience Design

Service Design


Research is an integral part of our process here at Muckle Studios. It ensures that no assumptions are made on the design. We test your products with users, host focus groups to understand their thoughts and feelings and simply observe how people interact with an object, website, game, place, or space.

User Testing

Observational Studies

Journey Mapping

Behavioural Science

Behavioural science is the study of human behaviour, in design it's the science behind exceptional experiences. Drawing from science, we can help you to understand your customers actions and choices. As a result, we help companies create better products or services that are shaped around real people's needs.

Nudge Theory

User Experience Design

Psychological Biases

Attention Testing

Inclusive Design

Inclusive design removes barriers and allows everyone to participate equally. We ensure that your product can be used by all your customers, from those with cognitive differences, physical impairments and from different cultural backgrounds. We carry out testing to ensure that your product or services is accessible, advise on adaptations and we can train your staff to ensure what they design or build is inclusive.

Accessibility Audits

Training Workshops

User Testing