Give your customers an experience they won't forget.

Using real-world insights and feedback to help you create the best product and service experience.

We design experiences, ensuring that they are inclusive and human-centered.

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Experience Design

We work with you to design the best experience for your customer, helping your business to thrive.

Product Design

User Experience Design

Customer Experience Design

Service Design


Research is an integral part of our process at Muckle Studios. It ensures that no assumptions are made on any part of the design.

User Testing

Observational Studies

Interviews & Focus Groups

Behavioural Science

Drawing from science, we can help you to understand your customers behaviours, actions and choices.

Nudge Theory

User Experience Design

Psychological Biases

Attention Testing

Inclusive Design

We ensure that your product can be used by all of your customers, from those with cognitive differences, physical impairments and from different cultures and communities.

Accessibility Audits

Training Workshops

User Testing

Growing your business means understanding your customers and delivering great experiences.

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UNESCO Design in Communities

Designing a cover for standard street electricity boxes, challenging how we imagine our urban spaces.

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Connecting Volunteers with the NHS

Finding a way to engage with external volunteers to help patients get home sooner from hospital.

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Lockdown Food Delivery Service

Enhancing the user experience of food delivery during lockdown.

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We combine design, research and psychology and use it as a force for good.

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